Advanced Auditing for Defined Contribution Retirement Plans Program

This program runs in conjunction with the Employee Benefit Plans Conference on May 8-10 in Nashville, TN. While attending the ADCP program, take advantage of keynote sessions, luncheons, and networking opportunities.

Designed for EBP auditors with seven or more years of experience in performing and reviewing DC audits and those seeking to prepare for the Advanced Defined Contribution Plans Audit Certificate exam, this interactive program will enhance your skills through a series of hands-on case studies, advanced learning exercises, and an interchange of ideas with your peers. Evaluate and interpret defined contribution retirement plan-specific audit circumstances to apply to these engagements.

Through a series of hands-on case studies and advanced learning exercises, you will learn and grow your expertise with regard to defined contribution plan audits. In this course, you will take part in a mock audit, which will follow a single "client" through each phase of a defined contribution plan audit engagement, from planning to reporting.

About The Course

During the Advanced Auditing for Defined Contribution Retirement Plans program in Nashville, you will assess the key concepts and skills to build upon a solid audit foundation specifically related to defined contribution retirement plans and recall those concepts in audit engagements. Over the course of two days, while Employee Benefit Plan conference attendees are in concurrent sessions, you will interpret advanced defined contribution retirement plan specific audit concepts through a mock, plan-specific audit. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to evaluate defined contribution retirement plan-specific core audit concepts and apply those concepts to audit engagements.

You will have the added bonus while attending in Nashville to share your enhanced knowledge during networking breaks and general sessions at the Employee Benefit Plans conference.

Key Topics:

  • Planning and general procedures
  • Internal control
  • Sampling
  • Net assets available for benefits
  • Investments
  • Changes in net assets available for benefit
  • Plan tax status
  • ESOPs
  • Plan mergers, transfers, spin-offs
  • Terminations
  • Changes in service provider
  • Financial statement presentation and disclosures
  • Audit reports


Who Should Attend

Auditors responsible for auditing defined contribution retirement plans

Bundle & Save

This program is also available as a bundle option including the Advanced Defined Contribution Plans Audit Certificate Exam. Select the “with exam” option at the bottom of the page and save!

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