Deborah Walker

National Director, Compensation and Benefits, Cherry Bekaert LLP
formerly Deputy to the Benefits Tax Counsel, Office of Tax Policy, US Treasury and partner in KPMG and Deloitte Tax
Responsible for providing technical assistance to firm professionals and clients regarding compensation and benefits issues and employment taxes

Jeffrey Martin

Jeff Martin is a partner in the Washington National Tax Office of Grant Thornton LLP located in Washington, D.C., specializing in compensation and benefits. In this role, he tracks new legislation and guidance, and advises Grant Thornton’s offices and clients with respect to tax issues that impact compensation and employee benefits. Jeff is a CPA, and is an active member of the AICPA. He is the co-chair of the conference planning committee for the AICPA National Conference on Employee Benefit Plans, and he is the chair of the AICPA technical resource panel on employee benefits.

Fringe Benefits - What's Taxable & What's Not

Is that fringe benefit taxable? Fringe benefits form an important part of an employee’s compensation package. This session
- Analyzes the tax rules relating to employee fringe benefits, focusing on travel expenses, including meals, travel, entertainment, cars and planes.
- Determine the issues that have special significance to an increasingly mobile workforce.
- Identify employment tax treatment of common mistakes - fringe benefits, travel, deferred compensation