Oops! What Do I Do Now?

In this session, we will focus on highlighting the Top 10 plan operational errors and discuss corrective actions that can be taken through the IRS and DOL correction programs when these errors occur. Attendees will:

  • Recognize common operational errors
  • Learn how to correct common operational errors
  • Understand the responsibility of the auditor to communicate the operational failures to the plan sponsor

Thomas Pevarnik

Thomas Pevarnik is a Managing Director in Deloitte Tax’s Washington National Tax Office. Tom serves clients with various issues related to the delivery of employee benefits, including issues related to tax-favored retirement plans, and issues related to executive compensation. Tom has over 25 years of experience in employee benefits, including over 20 years with Deloitte. Prior to joining Deloitte, Tom worked with the Employee Plans division of the IRS National Office, which oversees tax-favored retirement plans.