Reviewing a Form 5500 from an Auditors' Perspective

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May 10th, 2017 - 9:45AM11:00AM


This session will cover the basics of reviewing Form 5500 from an auditor's perspective to facilitate the auditor's overall understanding and enhance the audit process.

There are certain key areas in the Form 5500 that auditors are required to review to make sure information is consistent to the financial statements. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight and walk through those areas:

  • Understand how to use Form 5500 to validate financial statement investment disclosures
  • Understand the auditor's responsibility related to Form 5500
  • Understand how identifying differences impact financial statements

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Kimberly Flett CPA, QPA, QKA, Managing Director, National Practice Leader, BDO, Akron, OH 41, 72, 102
Michelle Brumfield CPA, Audit Director, McConnell & Jones LLP, Houston, TX 28, 72

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Behavioral Ethics
Business Management & Organization
Personal Development
Specialized Knowledge

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