EBP1922. Beyond Cybersecurity: Attack of the new wave of Privacy regulations

Industry Update
Field of Study: 
Information Technology
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Advanced Preparation: 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Emerging data privacy regulations globally constitute a “third wave” of corporate security and privacy risk that most companies don’t realize yet. Companies now have the obligation to protect the personal data of individuals they connect with in any way, including employees, prospects, vendors, and customers. While the GDPR certainly generated headlines, it is by no means unique any longer – California, Brazil, Vietnam, and others have passed similar legislation. A Federal law is on the horizon. Individuals have greatly expanded rights and are wielding them in earnest. In this session, we will cover the latest updates to the emerging trends in data privacy regulation, and their impact on plans and their auditors – exploring how to reconcile these new requirements while maintaining the integrity of our audits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the impact of new privacy regulations on the handling of personal data during audits
  • Select appropriate techniques to meet audit standards while maintaining compliance with these regulations


Director,Security,Privacy,and Risk | RSM US LLP