Chris Shankle

Senior Vice President | Argent Financial Group

Chris is Senior Vice President with Argent Financial and operates a Registered Investment Advisory firm within the company focusing on Retirement Consulting. He works with sponsors of plans of a variety of sizes and types he and his firm help sponsors attend to the fiduciary obligations and plan governance issues. This includes vendor monitoring and selection (including RFPs), investment analysis and selection, target date reviews, plan design considerations, education of all parties and fee benchmarking.
Chris is a graduate of the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) School of Accounting and has 28 years of experience in working with plans from multiple perspectives, including auditing them.
He currently serves on the AICPA Tax Executive Committee, the senior policy making committee for the AICPA on all matters related to taxation and has chaired the AICPA's Employee Benefits Technical Resource Panel.
• In 2014 he was appointed by the U.S. Treasury to the IRS Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Governmental Entities (The ACT) for a 2-year term. In 2016, he was asked to extend his appointment for an additional year and finalized this appointment in 2017.
• He also is an active member of the LCPA and has Chaired the society’s Members in Industry committee since 2016.
• Chris was named as a member of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Joint Committee on Employee Benefits (JCEB) in 2016 as the AICPA’s liaison to represent common issues and interests.
• He has been a member of the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries since 2011 and currently serves on the Government Affairs Committee – IRS Subcommittee
He is a frequent speaker on various employee benefits topics at CPE / CLE events throughout the country and is active in advocacy efforts with policy and rule makers concerning a variety of employee benefit issues. His goal is to assist employers in offering retirement plans to employees, and employees in using these plans to achieve their personal retirement goals.


The panel will provide an overview of benefit plans' management responsibilities, including, but not limited to: accomplishing all regulatory requirements under management scope and all necessary More

Plan sponsors dealings with plan fees and communications vary widely; however, there are some very specific requirements. In our discussion, you will learn:

Learning Objectives:

The AICPA has a wealth of resources for many aspects of ERISA and retirement planning. AICPA staff and members will review these resources to give participants familiarity with what they can offer More

Pre and post exam and all in-between. Why does an auditor care about this?

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  • Identify what the IRS/DOL ask for and focus on during examinations.
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