Dr. Reggie R. Padin

Dean of Kaufman Rossin University | Kaufman Rossin & Co

Dr. Reggie Padin's goal is to help Kaufman Rossin achieve its strategic objectives through learning programs that improve professionals’ technical and technology skills, build on their individual strengths, and guide them on career paths to develop future leaders. Dr. Padin joined Kaufman Rossin in 2017 and serves as the Director of Learning and Development and Dean of Kaufman Rossin University (KRU). He is responsible for designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating KRU’s curriculum, which includes technical, technology, business and life skills training programs. More specifically, his role includes: •Directing all training programs, including group classes, online learning, cultural engagement events and one-on-one sessions •Coaching managers on the appropriate use of learning tools, including the firm’s on-demand learning management system (LMS) •Managing the new hire orientation program, designed to enhance the firm's ability to attract and retain talented employees He has more than a decade of experience in corporate training, coaching and teaching. Prior to joining Kaufman Rossin, he served as dean of a corporate university at two different multi-billion dollar companies; where his accomplishments included implementing an in-house MBA program in partnership with one of the largest universities in Florida and launching an online LMS platform with over 300 online courses. Dr. Padin is an accomplished speaker and author of “Get Out of the Dumpster! A True Story on Overcoming Limitations.” He is currently completing two other books- "Make it Happen: The Art of Getting Things Done," and "Corporate U 2.0: The Future of Corporate Learning Programs."


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