Jennifer Lehman

COO and A&A Partner | Hantzmon Wiebel LLP

CEO and A&A Partner | Hantzmon Wiebel LLP Jennifer Lehman, CPA, CGMA Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner , Accounting and AuditingHantzmon Wiebel LLP Jennifer Lehman has more than 20 years of public accounting experience, joining Hantzmon Wiebel in 1997. She is a co-partner-in-charge of employee benefit plan audits, and also works with high net worth individuals and a variety of clients. Jennifer enjoys working with her clients, solving problems and helping them remain in compliance with audit and tax regulations. She also consults with her clients on human resource transition and related issues. Jennifer has served as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner since October 2017. Prior to taking on the CEO role, she served as the firms Chief Operating Officer for 10 years, overseeing operations, personnel, marketing, and technology with a special focus on creating a first-class environment for the staff. In her professional experience, Jennifer has specialized in the employee benefit plan industry serving all types of benefit plans and plan sponsors. Most recently, she has participated in an employee benefit plan collaboration team involving the Virginia Board of Accountancy and the Virginia Society of CPAs to strengthen audit quality with Virginia.


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