Mark Welker

Partner | Husch Blackwell LLP

When owners of privately held businesses decide it’s time to transition out of ownership of their companies, Mark helps them develop business succession plans. He strategizes with clients to identify succession goals, decide how best to achieve those goals and execute the transaction. Although he does not practice accounting, his certified public accountant (CPA) skills enable Mark to understand what makes clients’ companies tick and to analyze the most financially beneficial plans for implementing client goals. Mark is particularly passionate about the creation and operation of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). Mark believes ESOP transactions are a capitalistic, market-based, fair way of transferring wealth to rank and file employees while allowing the business owner to realize full fair market value for the business in a way that is subsidized by tax incentives. ESOPs provide an opportunity to create wealth for individuals who otherwise might not have access to it. These transactions are truly about doing well by doing good for others, and Mark enjoys witnessing the impact ESOPs have on seller's and employees’ lives.


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